May 25, 2012

Miracles happen everyday. They happen all over the world. Some are big, and some are small. Oh how amazing miracles are! I am so thankful that my family has been so blessed to receive many small and BIG miracles. 
- a local elementary school surprised my mom with a check from a Relay for Life event they did. 
- a local high school presented my mom a check of the money they had raised through various fundraisers.
- on my mom's birthday last week, many people brought her nice (and delicious!) gifts. 

- My mom had a pet scan and we got the glorious results today.
              Thank you for everyone's support, love, and prayers.                        We truly live in a beautiful world. 

      Here are a couple of my mom's facebook posts. You can hear the news in her words.

               Feb 2012- diagnosis of stage 4 esophogeal cancer, terminal, 6 months to live untreated, 1 yr to live or longer treated. Non curable. May 25, 2012- results from pet scan- tumor? not there- no where to be seen, big lymph nodes that were filled with cancer? gone. Spots in lungs that were worrisome? no cancer! One lymph node that is 1/2 inch big is a hot spot and there is cancer there. 18 weeks of chemo, continued prayers and I would say I beat the 0% odds the dr. gave me. Non-curable? with faith, and works and prayer and priesthood ANYTHING is possible! love you all!

               So 18 more weeks of chemo and possibly surgery to remove my esophogus but I will cross that road when it comes. I feel like I have my answer that it is Heavenly Father's will for me to be here. If you have researched esophogeal cancer you will know that what has just happened to me after 5 weeks of chemo and radiation doesn't happen- there were other forces working for my good besides the chemo and radiation!

May 6, 2012

I (kayla) have slacked a little on posting updates.. Sorry about that.. here are some posts from my mom's facebook:

Finished up the first 5 week plan- 28 radiation treatments and two rounds of chemo. Saw the doc today and gained 1/2 pound. I get a 3-6 week break then he wants to do some chemo sessions 3 weeks apart of the heavy chemo- I was thinking what was that I just had? But maybe it will be more tolerable because no more radiation! I told my "cancer" dr. well I was planning on some vit. d therapy over the next 3-6 weeks a little r & r- he said, "don't forget to wear sunscreen!" These last 5 weeks have been hard but I made it- should start feeling better within the next week or two.
afib, racing heart, er, admitted, great doc. on 2nd floor, 2 new medications, home from the hospital-happy heart! let the healing continue
May 05
The week after my 28th radiation treatment ended was the hardest week I have had in terms of pain and nausea- I am happy today to have a "normal" day- Costco, Wal-mart, lunch with my Mom and Aunt Gayle, shopping with my 17 yr. old later, and Menchies. I am so happy to feel good and just be alive!

April 13, 2012

Message from Cheryl:

Sometimes it is okay to "whine"- second week of chemo- Wed. night woke to blood and chemo on me and my sheets, turned out a malfunction of a part- so I called the number, drove myself over to the er, they unhooked the port, came home washed my sheets twice, showered and slept on the couch for the rest of the night. Went in today to get the chemo pack off and "whined" about being so nauseous- the nurse said-"well lets give you a shot for that!"- she said it should work for a few days- I think I will try whining more often!

April 1, 2012

Message from Cheryl:

For the first time in 3 months for the bi-monthly mother-daughter date Melissa and I go on- I was able to eat at Frostop with her! Little blessings you don't realize until your unable to do them. 3 weeks down of radiation/chemo- two more weeks til more testing. Friday was hard, on the couch, aches probably the build up of a weeks worth of treatment. Sat. just the opposite. Conference with Melissa, lunch at Frostop and shopping with Melissa until evening, visiting with 4 siblings in the evening, eating cookies along with everyone else. I sure appreciate the good days. Got up early today because I just wake up and thought it would be kind of nice to pamper myself and so I heated up a hot oil treatment and washed my hair in the sink, it might be the last hair treatment I do for awhile- don't know if it is the beginning or not but lots of hair came out when I combed it. I might be sporting a new "do" here- guess time will tell. Think I will go give myself a pedicure- my toe nails ain't going anywhere!

March 23, 2012

 Message from Cheryl:
Had an appt. today- things are going really well- except that what I thought was exhaustion from the treatments from the last two weeks was reallly my body running with 4 pints low in blood. Didn't have much time to come home and grab a few things and make sure my kids were taken care of and went back for a transfusion. Two tomorrow, and one on Sunday. I sat in the infusion chair and listened to some very good music and had a really personal, special experience. I can't even explain how many blessings have come to me and my family because of challenges. My spirit has grown and reached and I just feel so blessed! Thank you for Kayla and Don for taking care of (the 3 yr old) and making it fun! Thanks Mom for fixing dinner for my kids. The next week is going to be great- a full tank of blood and real food!

March 13, 2012

Message from Cheryl:

It must be fun to be named "anonymous" someone gave me a $20 bill in an envelope with no name- when I picked up the money it felt sacred and I felt gratitude for that anonymous. Anonymous #2 knocked on my door and ran and when I went to see who was at the door was met with a BEAUTIFUL hand made quilt so pretty and soft with the dearest note. Thank you all you anonymous's and named angels out there!
The Benefit Dinner was a huge success!! Thank you everyone that helped and donated! We had an awesome turn out :) 

Yesterday was my mom's first day of chemo and radiation. Here is an update from her:

Day one down- Cheryl vs. cancer- I spent from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the cancer institute- 1 hr in radiology. Waiting, 1/2 on table and a good visit with the radiologist who has tweaked my plan with one I feel is really inspired for my good. The rest of the time was spent in a chemo recliner. First waiting, watching two r.n.s take care of every chair in the chemo unit filled to capacity all... day with often times patients waiting in the reception area for an open chair. They hardly sat down and I don't know when they ate. Two of us were left until almost quitting time and the nurses were just as cordial to us as they were at 11 a.m. Took my i.v. to visit the woman in charge of the loaning out wigs, hats, scarves etc. She was so compassionate. She sent me home with a children's book that pre-empted our regulary scheduled f.h.e. lesson. We read the book and we discussed things then the little kids tried on the wigs, looked in the mirror and my 17yr old took pictures. Not only did I start day one with the best western available to me, but I drank 12 ounces of essiac tea w/ a drop of frankincense in it, 1 1/2 cups of chemo tea (3 herbs to combat nausea), liberal use of essential oils on my stomach and feet, adrenal complex/vitamin I dissolve and put in my g-tube, but I also met with my naturopath to discuss further ways to all facilitate my body's ability to fight, survive and thrive!